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Walk-in clinics play an important part in reducing the over-load of the hospital ER. In medical terms walk-in clinics are defined as “clinics providing medical services to ambulatory patients without an appointment.”

Walk-in clinics are also known as the Convenient Care Clinics which are located in the retail stores and pharmacies. Such kind of clinics provide medical aid for uncomplicated and non-life threatening ailments. At times they are also called ‘retail clinics’, ‘retail-based clinics’ or ‘walk-in medical clinics.’

Such clinics are comparatively cheaper than the physician’s clinic and also do not require prior appointment. They provide prompt medical relief for minor ailments. But the walk-in clinics are slightly different from the urgent care centers which attend to patients suffering from critical but non-fatal illness or injuries.

The walk-in clinics have their own advantages and disadvantages which need to be kept in mind while going there for medical aid.  They work on the First Come First Serve Basis which doesn’t leave any scope for prior appointment and at times the waiting time can be long. But at the same time, these clinics are cheap and cost effective.

To approach an appropriate clinic, one needs to do a bit of research about the working hours and the quality of services being provided by the CCCs or the urgent care clinics.  
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