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Walk-in clinics are also known as the Convenient Care Clinics which provide primary health care and are located in retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. These types of clinics ensure treatment for minor illnesses and also provide preventive cure services.
The concept of Walk-in clinic was introduced in the 1980s to provide the people with quality medical care at a reasonable cost. The waiting time is also considerably reduced in these health care centers.  

The walk-in clinics are usually staffed by practicing nurses or physician assistants. Some of them may also have physicians. Such clinics provide health care facilities to everyone. Customer is the important component fro them and the main focus is one the service being provided. The most significant aspect of CCCs is that they are easily approachable.

The accessibility of these clinics is one of the most important factors which draw people towards them. The CCCs have extended opening hours as compared to the family physician’s clinic. Then they are also located at places which are easily visible and which are often visited by the public.

Another important facet is the immediate reservation upon arrival without waiting for days for the physician’s appointment. The staff at these centers is trained specifically for such illnesses which are more common and result in the people visiting the CCCs.
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